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Container Leak Testing  |  the most sensitive, the most reliable

JUNE 2019

PTI Launches new VeriCon Series of Leak Detection Systems
the most sensitive, the most reliable

VeriCon leak test systems operate 24/7 without loss of sensitivity and require minimal maintenance. The new VeriCon Plus series offers several new-to-market upgrades and enhancements. Real time inspection data includes reject statistics and test result trends, allowing for on demand analysis of container quality, with enhanced data collection and data transfer capability. The new VeriCon Plus Series also offers increased leak test sensitivity.

  • Trimmer Mount Leak Testers for Blowmolding Lines — single and dual station units.
  • Linear and Continuous Motion Leak Testers — single and multi-station testers with inspection   speeds up to 150 bottles/minute.

VeriCon 126+ Linear Leak Tester available with one or two stations


VeriCon is one of the most reliable and longest standing technologies at PTI. We regularly get a call to replace a system after being in operation for more than 20 years.

Oliver Stauffer, CEO

View production performance and test results in the plant or at the corporate headquarter level, live in real time.


  • Reliability
  • Sensitivity
  • Versatility
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Data Integration & Data Transfer

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