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What's Driving Growth In Food And Dairy Packaging?


Food Online was broadcasting live at Process Expo 2015 in Chicago, recording podcasts with key exhibitors, speakers, and end users. Todd Schnick, host of Food Online Voices, spoke with influential industry leaders about hot topics in food and beverage manufacturing. These podcasts address the latest in technology and processes as described by individuals who are driving developments in food safety, processing, and packaging.

In this podcast, Julian Stauffer, Manager of Packaging Systems at PTI, discusses with Food Online Voices the applications of food packaging systems, ranging from individual portion packs to bulk size bags. Stauffer also discusses the major factors that are driving growth in food and dairy packaging. Further, Stauffer explores key considerations food manufactures should investigate when reviewing and sourcing packaging equipment. Finally, Stauffer offers his opinion on upcoming packaging innovations that will impact the industry in the next three to five years.