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Seal-Scan airborne ultrasound technology demo at PDA Basel


Gil Cohen from PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection at PDA Parenteral Packaging Conference Basel, giving a short demo of the Seal-Scan Airborne Ultrasound Technology, which is for Pouch Seal Quality inspection and Seal Analysis.

This a ASTM Test Method F3004 and also referenced in new USP 1207 chapter as a deterministic test method.

Seal-Sensor is the online version for 100% inline pouch seal inspection

Both offer a rapid test with immediate pass/fail seal quality test results.

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection will also be taking part on the PDA Europe organized workshop on Container Closure Integrity, which will include with other technologies the E-Scan MicroCurrent HVLD for CCI of parenteral products and the Seal-Scan Airborne Ultrasound Technology for pouch seal quality inspection.

To find out more about our CCIT solutions go to www.ptiusa.com

Seal-Scan airborne ultrasound technology demo