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Introducing MicroCurrent HVLD technology for all Parenteral and Biologic Products at Pharma Expo


Tuckahoe, New York (October, 2016) – PTI Inspection Systems will introduce the new E-Scan 655 MicroCurrent HVLD Micro Leak Detection System at Pharma Expo, November 6-9, 2016 in McCormick Place, Chicago IL in Booth W-801.

The E-Scan 655 is a revolutionary deterministic offline leak test instrument that utilizes a new class of HVLD technology to inspect vials, syringes and other liquid filled parenteral products for container closure integrity. The E-Scan MicroCurrent technology exposes the package and product to lower voltage than other conductivity based solutions and can be used with a wide range of liquid based products including low conductivity sterile water for injection (WFI) and proteinaceous products with suspensions.

MicroCurrent HVLD technology

Applications include pre-filled syringes, vials, cartridges, ampoules, BFS, bottles, pouches.

Heinz Wolf, general manager of PTI Inspection Systems, stated, “The E-Scan 655 patent pending technology uses a unique mode of MicroCurrent HVLD, applying less than 50% of the voltage used with conventional high voltage technologies. In fact, using PTI’s MicroCurrent HVLD reduces voltage exposure to the product to less than 5% of the voltage exposure experienced when testing with comparable HVLD solutions.”

About PTI Inspection Systems:

PTI Inspection Systems is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive package inspection technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer inspection systems for package integrity testing, seal integrity, leak testing and container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Our technologies exclude subjectivity from package testing, and use test methods that conform to ASTM standards. PTI Inspection systems provide repeatable, reliable results and can be used at any point in the manufacturing process as they are non-destructive, non-invasive and require no sample preparation. Visit www.ptiusa.com.

Contact PTI for more information:

Michelle Wolf: 973-252-6039/973.479.8626      m.wolf@ptiusa.com

Jesse Sklar: 914.337.2005         j.sklar@ptiusa.com

Oliver Stauffer : 914.337.2005   o.stauffer@ptiusa.com

PTI Inspection Systems: www.ptiusa.com

PTI-HVLD-Pharma-Expo-Press-Release The E-Scan 655 patent pending technology uses a unique mode of MicroCurrent HVLD