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Advances in Deterministic Parenteral Container Closure Integrity


Join us on Monday, October 30th from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Oliver Stauffer, Dr. Olivia Henderson, Brandon Zuralow, Edwin Martinez


This session will outline the challenges facing parenteral container closure integrity (CCI) and recent developments in certain methods listed in USP 1207. The session will provide an informative background on the principles of CCI, the pathways for validating CCI on different package formats, and a broad introduction of technologies available for testing packaging. The panel will specifically explain the theory and capability behind next generation deterministic CCI solutions aimed at inspecting the integrity of a wide class of parenteral product and container formats. High voltage leak detection, vacuum decay, headspace analysis and other technologies included in USP 1207 as deterministic test methodologies will be reviewed. The session will cover practical implementation and present hard data in the use of various CCI testing technologies. The session will shift from a presentation to an open panel session. The panel discussion and audience questions will aim to address the complex and unique challenges of implementing deterministic CCI test solutions.

Link to register – IOPP members and non-members welcomeVisit PTI in Booth 1502!