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Online Bottle Leak Testing

PTI offers a complete line of VeriCon inspection systems for online leak detection of bottles and containers for the blowmolding, injection molding, food & beverage industries. VeriCon leak testers accommodate a full range of container specifications, line speed, handling and test sensitivity requirements. Real time inspection data includes reject statistics and test result trends, allowing for on demand analysis of container quality. VeriCon systems are operator friendly, minimize downtime and increase productivity. VeriCon systems utilize either pressure decay or vacuum decay technology and a 3-step phase to each test cycle: Filling, Equalizing and Testing. VeriCon testers consist of either one or more testing stations (test heads). During the filling stage, the container is filled with either pressure or for vacuum systems, a vacuum is pulled inside the container. The equalizing phase follows allowing the pressure or vacuum to stabilize within the container. The amount of pressure or vacuum decay is monitored and measured during the test cycle which correlates to the presence of leaks within the container. The pass/fail result displays on the operator panel and the defective container is rejected from the line.

All VeriCon systems utilize high resolution non-drifting transducers (either pressure transducers or vacuum transducers) for consistent leak detection. VeriCon testers are available in one to four station configurations, depending on the line speed/leak size requirement.

All VeriCon systems offer the following features and benefits:

  • Linear and continuous motion multiple station (2, 3 and 4 station configuration) systems with inspection speeds up to 150 bottles/minute.
  • High resolution non-drifting pressure transducers for consistent leak detection
  • Precision leak testing with repeatable results
  • Easy to use HMI screen operator interface
  • 24/7 operation
  • Very low maintenance and easy troubleshooting
  • Capability to accommodate various container specifications, line speed, special handling and test sensitivity requirements