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Trimmer mount leak testers for blowmolding lines

PTI’s VeriCon 126+ offers easy plug & play leak testing solutions for inline container testing and for blowmolding lines with trimmer mount configuration.

The VeriCon 126+/TR is a robust leak test system that operates 24/7 without loss of sensitivity and requires minimal maintenance.  The VeriCon 126+ is available with one or two stations and offers several new-to-market upgrades and enhancements. Real time inspection data includes reject statistics and test result trends, allowing for on demand analysis of container quality, with enhanced data collection and data transfer capability.

View production performance and test results in the plant or at the corporate headquarter level, live in real time. The VeriCon 126+ offers increased leak test sensitivity with the capability to measure down to 200 microns, depending on container shape, size and line speed.


  • Reliability
  • Sensitivity
  • Versatility
  • 24/7 operation
  • Data Integration & Data Transfer


The VeriCon 126+ leak test system utilizes pressure decay technology and features a new PLC with increased test sensitivity. During the test cycle, the container is filled with pressure to a certain level. The amount of pressure decay is monitored and measured which correlates to the presence of leaks within the container. The pass/fail result displays on the operator panel and the defective container is rejected from the line.

VeriCon 126+/TR Specifications

Application Leak Testing bottles & containers for trimmer mount installation
Technology Pressure
Test Stations 1 to 2 Stations
Bottle Size Range Up to 5 gallon
Inspection Rate

1 Station – up to 60 bottles/minute

2 Station – 100+ bottles/minute

Hole Size Detection* Capable of finding 0.008" [200 microns], depending on container shape, size and line speed.
Operator HMI Interface Large color touch screen panel
Mount Over Existing Conveyor Flexible, can be used with many different conveyor systems
PTI Integrated Conveyor Optional string belt conveyor
Test Sensitivity Adjustment Yes
Test Result Data/Test Statistics Total pass/reject statistics
Auto Reject Mechanism Yes
Data Collection Production data collection with data transfer capability
126+ Trimmer System Control cabinet mounts to horizontal trimmer system frame with test heads, cylinders and hose connections.
Air 60-90 psi
Power 100-240 VAC; 50/60 cycles
*Test results may vary according to application, container specifications and line speed.
Trimmer mount leak testers

Trimmer mount leak testers

Trimmer mount leak testers for blowmolding  & indexing lines.