VeriPac 425 Package Integrity Testing 

Non-destructive alternative to water bath leak test method


  • Non-destructive leak detection for packages with defect profile typically >5 microns
  • Altitude package testing
Package Type
  • Filled & sealed pouches, cups, trays
  • Empty trays & Cups
  • Pouches
  • Induction sealed bottles
Package Materials & Combinations Foil, Film, Aluminum, Plastic, Glass & Laminated Materials
Test Configuration
  • Offline laboratory
  • Production line applications
Test System Dual Transducer PERMA-Vac Technology*
Test Method* Differential Vacuum Decay
Operator Interface 10" color touch screen
Test Parameter Storage
Up to 20 packages
Test Sensitivity 0.2 ccm (approximate hole size 5 microns)
Test Results/Resolution Pass/Fail Result in mBar and Pascal units
Security Password Yes
Remote Internet Access Yes
Data Collection View on touch screen and electronic
Printer Option Yes
Test Chamber
Manual or semi-automatic
ASTM Test Method ASTM F2338-09** and ASTM D6653-13
Test Instrument Enclosure Stainless steel
Test Dimensions 14.5” W – 22” D – 12” H
Weight 35 lbs
Power 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Cycles
Air Maximum 90 psi
  • Validation Qualification Package (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Microcalibrator Flowmeter
* U.S. Patents 5,513,516   6,513,366   8,544,315.
** ASTM Test Method F2338-09 - based on VeriPac leak testers.
Test results may vary according to application and package specifications.