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Seal Quality Inspection with Airborne Ultrasound Technology


Seal-Scan® systems utilize non-contact airborne ultrasonic technologySeal-Scan® systems utilize non-contact airborne ultrasonic technology for seal analysis of pouches and flexible packaging. Seal-Scan is a high resolution method that inspects and analyzes pouch seals non-destructively offline.

Channel Defect

  • Seal quality inspection
  • Airborne Ultrasound Technology
  • ASTM Test Method F3004-13
  • Deterministic, quantitative test method
  • Semi-automatic inspection system with x-y drive for the detection of seal defects, seal characterization and material analysis.
  • Non-destructive solution for process control/
    quality control/process optimization
  • Provides statistical sealing trend analysis
  • Produces high resolution Opto-Acoustic image of seal