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Seal Integrity Testing and Seal Quality Analysis

Seal-Scan® and Seal-Sensor systems utilize non-contact airborne ultrasonic technology for seal analysis of pouches and flexible packaging. This technology is a deterministic, quantitative test method and also an ASTM Test Method F3004-13. This Test Method as of April 2020 is now a FDA Consensus Standard for Seal Quality Inspection.

The quality of a seal is dependent on physical properties only, and has little to do with the visual appearance of a seal area. Heat sealing bars can leave a seal imprint on the outside of a package while the inner seal fails to reach bonding temperature and never seals completely or has a weak peel strength.

Using PTI’s Seal-Scan® or Seal-Sensor™ technology, a linear scan analysis of the seal area can be produced in seconds, detecting channel defects, misaligned seals, incomplete and missing seals immediately after the package has been sealed. If the system detects a package defect, the product can immediately be removed from the packaging and reworked. Process related defects can be addressed and corrected immediately, which significantly reduces the quantity of defective packages produced.

Traditional packaging operations struggle to detect process related defects in time, and products following the sterilization process cannot be reworked. Using the ultrasound seal inspection solution will alert line operators of sealing related issues immediately and eliminate virtually all lost product due to downstream detection of seal quality deviations.  Aside from producing 100% quality assurance, PTI’s airborne ultrasound solution provides value to packaging operations by reducing scrap, improving line efficiency, and eliminating manual visual inspection.

Seal-Scan is a high resolution method that inspects and analyzes pouch seals non-destructively offline.

Seal-Sensor is designed for 100% online pouch seal inspection.