Jul 2021

PTI's VeriCon 126+ for Bottle and Container Leak testing

PTI's VeriCon 126+ for Bottle and Container Leak testing

Why use VeriCon 126+ for Bottle and Container Leak testing?

PTI offers a complete line of VeriCon inspection systems for online leak detection of bottles and containers for the blow molding, injection molding, food & beverage industries. VeriCon leak systems can accommodate a wide range of container specifications, line speed, handling, and test sensitivity requirements. VeriCon systems are operator friendly, minimize downtime, and increase productivity.

The VeriCon 126+ is a highly efficient leak detection instrument that requires minimal maintenance and operates 24/7 without loss of sensitivity. Its ability to measure leaks down to 200 microns makes it a practical choice for bottle and container leak testing. The VeriCon 126+ is available with one or two stations as a linear in-line leak tester as well as configurations for blow molding lines. The VeriCon 126+ offers several new-to-market upgrades and enhancements.

Technology Overview

The VeriCon 126+ leak test system utilizes pressure decay technology and features a new PLC with increased test sensitivity. During the test cycle, the container is filled with pressure to a certain level. The amount of pressure decay is monitored and measured which correlates to the presence of leaks within the container. The pass/fail result is then displayed on the operator panel and the defective container is rejected from the line.

Features and Benefits of VeriCon 126+

  • Real time inspection data
  • Self-teach software
  • Non-drift transducers for consistent leak detection
  • Low false rejects
  • Operator friendly
  • Reject statistics & test result trends
  • 24/7 operation
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Low maintenance
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