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PTI Launches VeriPac LPX 100% In-line Automated Package Leak Detection Solutions at Interphex in Booth 3119

October 15, 2021
In-line Automated Package Leak Detection Solutions

PTI Launches VeriPac LPX 100% In-line Automated Package Leak Detection Solutions at Interphex in Booth 3119

Hawthorne, New York (October 15, 2021) – PTI will launch the VeriPac LPX Series of fully automated package quality inspection systems for 100% inline testing at Interphex, October 19-21, 2021 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City in Booth 3119.

The VeriPac LPX features a dynamic robotic design, tailored to fit your production requirements. The LPX Series are scalable, modular solutions to meet production line demands. This adaptable platform provides reliable automated handling of a variety of packaging formats. Applications for LPX automation range from flexible package integrity testing to rigid containers and container closure integrity testing of parenteral products.

“VeriPac LPX enables enhanced automated testing that provides a high level of confidence in packaging line performance, stated Scott Audette”, VP Sales & Marketing. “The LPX is a practical and reliable solution to the problems associated with performing infrequent testing, allowing for process-related quality issues to be recognized and corrected sooner rather than later. VeriPac vacuum decay technology has been proven to be the most sensitive, most reliable vacuum-based leak test method on the market, backed by decades of dependable performance in the pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device industries.”

Sensitivity and reliability go hand in hand with CCI testing. The VeriPac LPX 430.8S is the next generation automated inspection system for CCI of Parenteral products. Automated for 100% testing or batch release, the VeriPac 430.8S is an eight-station dual chamber design robotic test platform for pre-filled syringes and vials, testing products filled with lyophilized product, small molecule liquids and Water for Injection (WFI).

In-line Automated Package Leak Detection Solutions
VeriPac LPX systems utilize PTI's vacuum decay technology, an ASTM Test Method F2338, developed using the VeriPac platform.
  • Test method is recognized by the FDA as a consensus standard for package integrity testing.
  • Listed in ISO 11607 and USP Chapter <1207> guidance.
VeriPac LPX Benefits
  • Automated testing enables the highest level of container quality assurance
  • Deterministic, quantitative test method
  • ASTM Test Method F2338 and FDA standard, ISO 11607
  • Distinct PASS/FAIL results
  • Highly accurate test results - low false positives and false negatives
  • High Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) for peak sensitivity and reliability
  • Non-destructive, non-subjective, no sample preparation
  • Pick-and-Place option back into the production line
  • Auto reject option of defects removed from the production line
  • USP <1207> compliant
Additional PTI automated technology platforms:
  • E-Scan MicroCurrent HVLDmc for parenterals
    Force Decay for blister packs and low headspace packaging
  • Airborne Ultrasound for pouch seal quality inspection

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In-line Automated Package Leak Detection Solutions
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