Nutrition Packages

The nutritional market is progressive and dynamic and nutritional packages play a vital role in delivering the product safely. Most of the nutritional products are shelf-stable in nature and this is often the function of package performance. All nutritional products are subject to innate chemical reactions. Any discontinuity in the nutritional packaging can cause the products to deteriorate with the exposure to oxygen, moisture and bacteria. Fats and other infant nutrients can go rancid and inert. Nutritional packaging defines the quality and safety of the contents that reach the consumer.

Nutritional Packaging Inspection Solutions

PTI has decades of expertise in the packaging industry that helps us to inspect nutritional packages the most optimal way for maintaining the package and product quality. PTI is a forerunner in catering to the needs of infant nutrition applications and their challenging requirements. PTI offers an array of technologies and solutions for the food and nutritional packaging markets. Vacuum decay and airborne ultrasound technology are the two prominent nutritional packaging inspection technologies. While vacuum decay is used for applications like filled and sealed rigid containers, dry products in pouches and flexible packaging airborne ultrasound technology is mainly used for retort pouch final seal inspection.

It is highly essential to understand the different package configurations and product requirements for selecting and implementing the best-fit solution for different applications. PTI’s expert knowledge based approach analyzes the application requirements and identifies which one of PTI’s sensory inspection technologies can be deployed to ensure package quality.

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