Feasibility Studies

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Feasibility Studies

PTI Inspection Systems are scientific instruments being deployed for high risk packaging applications. The environments in which these systems operate is often highly regulated with test results having a significant impact on operational decisions. The reliability and sensitivity of a CCI test method is critical to assure that correct decisions are made to maintain product quality and patient safety. If PTI’s equipment is going to test your packaging, we aim to deliver the most effective solution. Feasibility studies offer a detailed glimpse into the technological capabilities ahead of critical purchasing decisions.  CCIT Feasibility studies can also act as a preliminary test method for an application. The results from feasibility or method development testing can be rolled out to the production environment for rapid validation and deployment.

Different test methods exist to inspect and assure package quality and performance. The main purpose of the feasibility study is to understand the most optimal inspection technology that provides the most accurate, sensitive and reliable data for definitive package integrity verification.

PTI’s feasibility studies for container closure integrity testing (CCIT) and package quality inspection leave clients with a clear report of a quantitative test method to confirm the recommended approach as it relates to a specific package format. Known good test samples, as well as positive control samples with certified defects, are used. The report details the technology solution, specific leak test method, test parameters, test result data and acceptance criteria.

Package Quality Testing

PTI aims to provide our customers with the best fit deterministic package integrity test solutions according to their requirements and support them during their complete cycle of implementation as well as provide after sales service and periodic certification required by regulatory agencies.

PTI has a team of engineers, scientists and professionals that specialize in conducting feasibility studies and test method development for various applications. PTI’s feasibility studies report contains a definitive path starting with the client’s problem statement to the quantitative test procedures and results and how to ensure package integrity by confirming a recommended approach as it relates to a specific package format.

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